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How to prepare your file for input

Your input file must use address field names that the verification process can recognize. A sample template is available here. The file must be saved as a UTF-8 tab-delimited text or csv file.

A full list of input field names can be found on our Batch API documentation.

Understanding the results

Unfortunately not all addresses will fully validate, but in many cases, addresses that only validate to either City or Street level are caused by missing information provided at input. Each time we process an address, we generate an Address Verification Code (AVC) which feeds back on the quality of both the data and the process.

Worldwide coverage

We provide address verification for over 240 countries. For detailed information about our data coverage and verification levels, please click here.

Default country for processing

The default country value is used if the country field is empty or if a country cannot be identified in any other address field. You can specify the default country using the drop-down menu below.

How do I just use the ArcGIS geocoder?

We'll have the ability to run the ArcGIS process on previously verified data soon.


Your map will load into the main window shortly. If the map takes a long time to load, you can try using the "Refresh" button at the top rigth corner of the map view. Alternatively, you can load the map from your ArcGIS Online account. If you wish to access or download the results of the verification process, please use one of the links, right.